(19-02-2024) Pontificate of Pope Francis 2024

(19-02-2024) Pontificate of Pope Francis 2024

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The celebratory series of the Pontificate of Pope Francis takes as its inspiration the theme of this year: Prayer. The Pope has expressed his desire that the Holy Year be preceded by an intense period of prayer. Through prayer we can rediscover and strengthen our connection with the spiritual reality, promote our inner growth and change our perspectives, not limiting our prayers only for ourselves and our loved ones, but extending them to all who suffer and are in difficulty, thus transforming them into concrete actions of love and compassion. The link between prayer and action is crucial for creating a better and more inclusive world. To celebrate this Year of Prayer, the four values of the series on the pontificate show some of the Pope’s moments of deep recollection: the € 1.25 value shows him in prayer in the Basilica of Saint Mary Major immediately following his election on 14 March 2013; the second stamp shows the Holy Father kissing the crucifix on Good Friday 2019; the € 2.45 value shows the Pope in prayer holding rosary beads at Saint Mary Major (4 May 2013); and the final postage stamp displays the Holy Father in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament during Corpus Christi (18 June 2017).


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Face values
€ 1.25 - € 1.30 - € 2.45 - € 3.20
40 x 30 mm
14 x 13 ¼
Sheet size
180 x 110 mm
Sheet of
10 stamps
Printing process
Offset 4 colors
Royal Joh. Enschedé (Netherlands)
Set Price
Euro 8.20
54,000 complete series