We inform all Customers
that  the sales shop located in piazza San Pietro - Braccio di Carlo Magno-
from August 9th to 12th 2021 will be open
from 10 am to 4 pm while it will be closed
on August 13thand 14th 2021.

It will open again starting from August 17th 2021 following the usual timetable.



We inform all Customers that the sales shop located in Piazza Santa Marta will be


from Monday August 9th to Friday
September 3rd 2021

The sales shop will open again starting from Monday September 6th 2021 (only by appointment)



The sales shop of Piazza Santa Marta will open to all Collectors only by appointment to be arranged by fax or email (+390669885434 or vd.cfn.economia@scv.va). Customers will have to provide (by email or fax) the exact list of the material they will have to pick up and a telephone number in order to get the confirmation of the appointment.

It is required to respect the following terms of sale:


- Customers will have to be equipped with the protection tools as face masks and gloves and the access  will be limited to one person at a time.


- Payments can be done following the usual ways as credit card, cashier's cheque or cash.



We inform all Collectors that for all Transactions greater than 200 euro the operator of the sales shop must be required to acquire a copy of a valid photo ID