• Intro Philately
• Intro Numismatics
• How to become customers of the UFN
• The Philatelic subscription
• How to place an order
• Philatelic Complementary items
• Costs and Payment terms
• Purchasing and shipping conditions

Stamps are issued in sets consisting of one or more values on the same topic; the philatelic set is the easiest way to collect the stamps of the State.
The Vatican City stamps are generally printed on sheets of 10 values except for one or two series every year issued on smaller sheets, the so-called Mini-sheets.
Once a year one or more stamps are inserted in a philatelic booklet.
Souvenir sheets, Mini-sheets and booklets are also very often collected.

Once or more times a year the Office, in cooperation with other Postal administrations, can release joint philatelic issues on the same topic and with an identical design of the foreign State involved.

By Postal stationery are meant those complementary philatelic items composed of a stationery item and a postage stamp.

- An Aerogram, is a foldable paper with a printed stamp which is ready to be used for transit via airmail.
- Postcards are postal cards which have stamps pre-printed on them.

The Vatican City issues a certain quantity of coins which has been arranged by an agreement with Italy and the European community. The coins issued are sets of coins available in BU and Proof versions depicting on the one side the coat of arms of the Holy Father and on the other side the common image of the euro coins.
Every year some commemorative coins are also released: generally the 2 Euro commemorative coins available in BU and Proof versions, the silver coins, and the gold coins.
How to become customers of the CFN
To subscribe to the Philatelic and Numismatic Sales Office it is necessary to send a request complete with name, address, date of birth, telephone number and an e-mail address clearly indicating the words New Philatelic Customer or New Numismatic Customer.
This requests have to be sent to:

Philatelic and Numismatic Sales Office, 00120 Vatican City State
e-mail: order.cfn.econmia@scv.va
Fax: 0039 06 69881308

Customers who want to have the certainty of receiving all year issues can reserve a year subscription. This Office offers the possibility to personalize each subscription choosing items (philatelic sets, mini-sheets, booklet, postal stationery), quantities and the eventual cancellation of the set with postmark.

The year Subscription will grant the reception of the material selected within February of the following year and without extra charges.
After subscribing customers will continue to receive information and order forms for additional requests (black order form) to use only in case of philatelic requests in addition to the quantity or the items included in the subscription. Note: the subscription does not include the joint issue of foreign states, which must be requested separately.

How to place an order
After registering and obtaining a customer and a Pin code (which are necessary to enter the telephone answering system) it is possible to place orders.
Customers with a year subscription can also order some additional items using the black form which will be sent at every issue.
Customers without a subscription can order stamps at each issue using the blue order form for philatelic requests.
The form must be filled in according to the indications given about eventual allotments or availability, shipping charges ( registered or insured mail) or the possibility of requesting cancelled sets or sets on envelope.
Customers who wish to place an order and do not have an order form can write their order on a common sheet of paper or email giving name and customer code and reproducing the structure of our order forms.
If not already endowed with a customer code please see the section dedicated to the registration into our mailing list.

Philatelic annual Book: where all sets issued throughout the year are collected and inserted in small plastic bags with illustrations, descriptions and technical data in four languages ( Italian, English, French, German)
The Philatelic book can not be included in the philatelic subscription and must be booked separately.

The philatelic and numismatic cover is the ideal combination of both numismatic and philatelic items. It consists of a folder with the current 2 Euro commemorative coin and a set of stamps with a special postmark with a common topic.

Philatelic folders: during the year the Philatelic office issues some philatelic folders celebrating special events

Numismatic Volume: it is a special volume issued every year that collects some relevant numismatic sets or commemorative coins

The accepted ways of payment are:
-    E-PAY (electronic payment), choosing this way of payment it will not be required to provide further payments details. When the order will be registered by the Office you will receive an email with a link and all useful instructions to complete the payment by credit card in a secure and quick way, credit card (Visa and Mastercard),
-    Bank Transfer*
-    Bank Cheque


International bank transfer Sepa Area countries
Beneficiary: Governatorato S.C.V.
IBAN: VA81001000000021357009

International bank transfer Extra Sepa Area countries
Beneficiary: Governatorato S.C.V.
Iban: IT84X0200805008000103184313
Code Swift: UNCRITM1B88
The bank transfer must be done with option OUR (all charges to be borne by the originator)

Shipping charges: (numismatic) registered mail € 6,00 – insured mail € 8,00; (philately) registered mail € 2,60 – insured mail € 6,00
Should the parcel weighs more than 2 kilos delivery will be made by currier and a specific charge will be imposed.
Complementary items
Philatelic and numismatic Volumes:
Shipping charges within Europe for 1 Book are: € 8,00 by registered mail and € 10,00 by insured mail; for two or more books delivery will be made by carrier and a specific charge will be imposed.

Philatelic and Numismatic Cover: free delivery

The shipment of the order form and the relative payment does not automatically grant the allotment of the material in the quantity requested.
The criteria for the allotment are determined by the Office according to availability.
Whether the partial or total allotment may not be granted, the Office will refund by bank transfer or cheque and only on customer request the unused amount.
Material is sent by registered or insured mail (only for the Countries that offer this service) or in the specified circumstances by express courier.
Possible taxes and customs charges are to be borne by the purchaser.
The shipping charge is indicated in any case on the present order form.
Any case of items lost, damaged or stolen should be reported within 6 months from the shipping date and will only allow the estimated reimbursement according to the rules
in force, depending on the selected way of shipping.