(23-06-2020) MONETA AUREA EURO 100 - 2020

(23-06-2020) MONETA AUREA EURO 100 - 2020


Apostolic Constitutions
of the Second Vatican Council: Dei Verbum

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Dei Verbum is a dogmatic constitution of the Second Vatican Council with the theme “Divine Revelation” and “Sacred Scripture” (the Word of God). It was promulgated by Paul VI on 18 November 1965 and is one of the main documents of the Second Vatican Council. The title refers both to the Word of God, or Sacred Scripture, and to the person of Jesus Christ, the Word of God, and is taken from the beginning of the document. The composition of the reverse side features Christ at the center, the key figure and fulfillment of the Divine Revelation, depicted in the traditional iconography of the blessing Christ. The Holy Spirit depicted as coming from and sent by Jesus himself. The Spirit dominates, guides and protects the Church, symbolized by the boat shaken by the waves of the stormy sea. The background shows the Twelve Apostles on which the Church is founded by divine mandate and from whom comes the proclamation of the Gospel to all generations. On the obverse side, next to the papal coat of arms, are the symbols of the Four Evangelists.


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