(01-10-2019) MONETA 2 EURO 2019 REST. SISTINA (FDC)

(01-10-2019) MONETA 2 EURO 2019 REST. SISTINA (FDC)

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25 years ago the complex restoration work on the Sistine Chapel frescoes came to a conclusion, finishing a project that began in 1980. To the occasion the Vatican Numismatic Office dedicates  also a 2 Euro commemorative Coin in both BU and Proof Version, showing a detail of Michelangelo’s Last Judgement that adorns the altar wall. The restoration has revived the sharpness of the colors, the dynamism of the forms, the rendering of the details and the overall unity of the artwork damaged over time by the altar candle smoke and the substances applied to give greater brightness to the frescoes. The coin, on a design by artist Daniela Longo, is centered around the dominant figure of Christ, captured in the moment preceding that when the verdict of the Last Judgement is uttered. His calm imperious gesture seems to both command attention and placate the surrounding agitation. It starts a wide slow rotary movement in which all the figures are involved.


Data sheet

Legal weight
8.50 g
25.75 mm
Nominal values
2 Euro
Daniela Longo
Annalisa Masini
IPZS (Italy)