(19-02-2024) 150th Anniversary of the Vatican Pharmacy

(19-02-2024) 150th Anniversary of the Vatican Pharmacy

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The year 2024 marks a very significant milestone for the Vatican Pharmacy, which is celebrating 150 years since its establishment. On 2 March 1874 Cardinal Antonelli on behalf of Pope Pius IX  proposed the establishment of a pharmacy for the Vatican with the Prior General of the Hospitaller Order of St. John of God (Fatebenefratelli), Fr. Giovanni Alfieri. Two days later, Brother Eusebio Frommer, a Fatebenefratelli religious and practicing pharmacist at Rome’s Tiber Island Hospital, was appointed to keep a stock of medicines for the Pope and the Cardinals. In 1892 the first Community of Fatebenefratelli was established on a permanent basis in the Vatican. They were not only responsible for managing the reserves of medicines, but they also provided nursing assistance for the Pope, Cardinals and Prelates residing in the Vatican. The postage stamp is based on a design by Raúl Berzosa who depicts St. John of God, founder of the Hospitaller Order “Fatebenefratelli”, with a pharmacist and a customer. In the background is St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican and at the bottom is the logo of the Fatebenefratelli Order, featuring a pomegranate crowned with a cross.


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