(16-11-2022) Christmas 2022 - serie

(16-11-2022) Christmas 2022 - serie

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The series celebrating the Nativity of the Lord 2022 features work by Francesco Canale, a physically challenged painter born without limbs. At the age of six he received a scholarship and joined the international Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists of the World (VDMFK), which since 1956 has promoted and supported differently-abled art as a culture of integration, solidarity, and respect for diversity. Pope Francis met with members of the Italian Autism Foundation on 1 April 2022 and called every form of disability “a challenge and an opportunity to build together a more inclusive and civil society, where family members, teachers and associations such as yours are not abandoned, but are supported”. The two stamps in the series depict respectively the angel’s announcement to the young shepherd in Bethlehem, and the shepherd’s adoration of the baby Jesus.


Data sheet

Face values
€ 1.20 - € 1.25
30.5 x 41 mm
13.77 x 13.66
Sheet size
177 x 107 mm
Sheet of
10 stamps
Printing process
offset 4 colors
Printex (Malta)
Set Price
Euro 2.45
Francesco Canale
55,000 complete series