(09-11-2021) FIFTH WORLD DAY OF THE POOR - Mini sheet

(09-11-2021) FIFTH WORLD DAY OF THE POOR - Mini sheet

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One of the fruits of the Jubilee of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis is the Day of the Poor: “During the ‘Jubilee for Socially Excluded People’, as the Holy Doors of Mercy were being closed in all the cathedrals and shrines of the world, I had the idea that, as yet another tangible sign of this Extraordinary Holy Year, the entire Church might celebrate...The World Day of the Poor.” The Vatican Postal and Philatelic Service is dedicating a miniature sheet composed of three sets of two postage stamps that highlight the two pivotal moments of this day: the celebration of Mass and the meal shared with the poor. The first stamp shows the Holy Father among the volunteers during the celebration of the Eucharist (15/11/2020); the other shows a convivial moment during the lunch organized for the occasion in which Pope Francis converses casually with the guests at his table (18/11/2018). The image reproduced on the margin is a photo composition by Riccardo Rossi with photos taken during the 2nd World Day of the Poor featuring the Pope as he welcomes two of the guests.


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