(09-11-2021) The Journeys of Pope Francis - 2020 (EM. 2021)

(09-11-2021) The Journeys of Pope Francis - 2020 (EM. 2021)

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This year the annual postage stamp issue dedicated to the missionary activity of Pope Francis focuses on the only journey he could make due to the pandemic that prevented travel between nations. The Holy Father visited Bari, Italy, on 23 February 2020 on the occasion of the meeting of reflection and spirituality, “Mediterranean: Frontier of Peace”. Even though he could not travel to other countries, Pope Francis was still able to meet bishops from twenty nations bordering the Mediterranean. In his address for the occasion, Pope Francis presented Jesus’ mission around the Sea of Galilee as a model for Christians: “Just as Jesus lived and worked in a context of differing cultures and beliefs, so we find ourselves in a multifaceted environment scarred by divisions and forms of inequality that lead to instability. Amid deep fault lines and economic, religious, confessional and political conflicts, we are called to offer our witness to unity and peace.” The postage stamp designed by graphic artist Gian Carlo Olcuire features the logo prepared by the Italian Bishops’ Conference for the meeting with a map of the Mediterranean in the background.


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