(2018.10.04) MONETA 2 EURO 2018 50°ANN. MORTE P.PIO (FS)

(2018.10.04) MONETA 2 EURO 2018 50°ANN. MORTE P.PIO (FS)

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As this year marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Padre Pio, the Philatelic Office is dedicating a postage stamp miniature sheet for the occasion. When Pope Francis made a pastoral visit to San Giovanni Rotondo last March, he highlighted the heritage left by the Saint of Pietrelcina, such as the prayer groups, caring for the sick of the Casa Sollievo, and the confessional. These valuable legacies, the Holy Fa¬ther said, remind us of prayer, smallness and the wisdom of life. Saint Pio recommended to pray a lot, always and never tiring, the Pope said, also since “one does not know the Father without opening oneself to praise, without devoting time to Him alone, and without adoration”. The Capuchin friar dedicated himself to healing the wounds of his neighbor and overcoming a culture of indifference, just as Jesus cared for the little ones, while those who overlook them make no room for God. The Pope encouraged us, like Padre Pio, to fight evil wisely with humility, with obedience, with the Cross, offering up suffering for love. He called on us to follow the example of Saint Pio and not only to admire him.


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